Where Young Minds Bloom and Hearts Grow

Chrysalis Preschool is where little hearts and curious minds come together in a world of wonder. Since our start in 2018 and our doors officially opening in February 2020, we’ve been a cheerful part of the Cross Creek Ranch and Tamarron communities. We’re not just a preschool; we’re a family, dedicated to nurturing children from 6 weeks to 12 years old.

At Chrysalis Preschool, we’re all about the joy of learning, the thrill of discovery, and the comfort of care. Our team isn’t just a bunch of teachers; we’re friends your child can count on, mentors who inspire, and guardians of imagination. From the tiniest giggles to the big steps, we’re here for it all, crafting programs that fit each stage of growing up.

From infant care that feels just like home, to before and after school services that give you peace of mind, we’ve got you covered. Together, let’s make every day a new adventure filled with laughter, learning, and cherished memories.


Our mission is to create a nurturing learning space that values each child’s unique qualities. Through personalized education, mentoring, and a supportive atmosphere, we aim to build self-confidence and life skills.


To help our children excel by understanding them, guiding them on the right path & strengthening their self belief. We help our children soar in the real world by defining & implementing a set of clearly defined objectives for ourselves.

We will

Make learning more interesting Be passionate about education Show the children the right path through experiences Make learning a two-way process Make subjects interesting to learn Make a difference by channelizing children’s energy in the right direction Inculcate the value system in our children Help the children understand themselves Help the children cope with failures as well as successes Teach by being role models ourselves Inculcate responsibility in our children through direct action Provide each of our children with equal opportunity and attention

Partner with parents to:

  • Understand the child
  • Counsel them on getting involved with their children
  • Ensure all our children are healthy and active

Our Curriculum

domain development system

The Curriculum at Chrysalis Preschool aims to capture the golden period of childhood and give children the right amount of stimulation and challenge in all areas of development.

We have developed the Domain Development System, a philosophy that looks at a child from a developmental perspective.

The curriculum developed through this perspective ensures that the daily routine has activities which encompass all domains.


The Domain Development System-based Chrysalis curriculum has a fine balance of all learning domains. Each domain is catered to, to ensure that every child goes through a holistic development program, resulting in optimized learning.


The security and safety of each child is a top priority for us. In addition to our camera-controlled classrooms providing a safe and secure environment, our facilities institute several safety features. Our teachers are also a safety feature! All staff and teachers go through thorough training on our safety and security procedures and are reference and background checked, as well as monitored throughout the day in maintaining the attendance procedures for the security of your child. Our playgrounds are securely fenced around the entire property. No access from the surrounding area except at the front door entrance is permitted; where the entry system is monitored electronically, with a manager at the front desk. Once in the classroom, children are entered on a classroom attendance sheet, monitored by the teacher, noting each transition throughout the day to ensure all children are present.


Focus on nutrition and wellness of our children – We teach children to make healthy food, fitness, and hygiene choices. Nutritious meals, activities that promote cardiovascular health, and scheduled outdoor playground time are part of each day at Chrysalis.

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