Chrysalis’s Understanding of Toddlers and Early Learners (CUTE)

In conventional schools, by the time a teacher knows the personality of the child, a lot of time has gone by. This also results in teachers “branding” children of specific behaviour, which in reality might be ignorance in understanding the child. But Montessori school in Fulshear, Texas are different.

C.U.T.E (Chrysalis’s Understanding of Toddlers and Early Learners) is an initiative of Chrysalis Preschool to enable the teacher to understand the children even before the academic year has started. C.U.T.E is a collaborative effort that involves the parent as well as the teacher.

Instead of relying on brief notes of an admission form, our teachers spend time with each parent individually in an effort to know the child, his favourite TV programs, his fears, what makes him laugh, what word he uses for water or food…… little things that will help the teacher handle the child in a way which is optimal to his learning. Every little detail learnt from you will be preserved for the whole academic year. Over the month the teacher will add her observations and record anecdotes that shape your child.

At the beginning of the next academic year, the previous class teacher sits with the new class teacher and shares each child’s progress and personality individually, helping her gain a prior understanding of each pupil’s attributes. And this process continues till the child is in school, ensuring that the teachers spend most of their time in the child’s learning & not in trying to understand the child.

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Extracurricular activities offer numerous benefits to preschoolers. They help children to develop essential skills, build confidence and self-esteem, improve physical health, and encourage creativity while also expanding their interests.

At Chrysalis Preschool we have Extracurricular Activities – Tennis, Dance, Gymnastics, Karate and Kidokinetics.

Mind in the Making

  • Mind in the Making Text
  • Use of Golden words – saying please, sorry and thank you
  • Safe and unsafe touch
  • Coping up with emotions – controlling anger, managing disappointments
  • Taking care of their belongings and class
  • Tidying up
  • Focus and self-control
  • Making connections
  • Taking a challenge
  • Critical thinking
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Child Care & Extended Hours

Monday to Friday: 6.00am to 6.30pm


a space to spark ingenuity in children

We know that a child’s interests can lead to exploration, discovery and understanding of the world. That’s why our Balanced Learning approach integrates science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM ) throughout the day to make learning fun. Also, our specially designed AwSTEM program caters to the science concepts which the child learns in the classroom setup. Concepts rather than being taught are experienced by the children in an activity-based manner

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Chrysalis Quality. Delivered. In each class. To every student.

Chrysalis understands that not every teacher is the same. But it is important that every child in each classroom gets Chrysalis quality of Learning & Development.

To ensure the same, Chrysalis has a Curriculum Team, which solely looks at development & implementation of curriculum; and training & development of teachers.

Daycare Lunch Program

Whether you choose to take advantage of our food Catering program or to send your child to school with a packed lunch, you can rest assured that Chrysalis encourages healthy eating.

Chrysalis’s Lunch Program is a convenient way to provide hot lunch which includes regular vegetarian, dairy-free and gluten-free meals. All meals are age-appropriate and are prepared fresh each day. We teach our children how to make healthy food and fitness choices with nutritious meals and activities to promote good health.

We are Nut Free School

Details can also be obtained from the front desk.

“Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent errors”

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