What is Chrysalis Preschool Curriculum?
Chrysalis Preschool follows the Domain Development System, a philosophy that looks at a child from a developmental perspective. It aims to give children the right amount of stimulation and challenge in all areas of development.
What student teacher ratio does Chrysalis Preschool follow?
Chrysalis Preschool not only follows the minimum student teacher ratio guidelines set by the Childcare Licensing Authority of Texas, we also ensure that we hire the best quality teachers to ensure safe, secure & positive learning environment for our children.
How do I meet my child’s teacher?
The parent can ask the administrative staff and the teacher will be happy to schedule a time to meet with the parent.
Timings for school and child care?
Child care hours: 6.00 am to 6.30 pm.
Curriculum/School hours: 9 am to 3 pm
What is the admission process?
The parent or legal guardian will fill out the necessary paperwork. It involves filling out an admission form, getting a detailed history on the student, copies of birth certificate, immunization records etc.

All fees should be paid in full up front. The admin and school staff will need the rest of the day to make sure the student file is completed before start day.

Once all the required documentation and fee is paid, the child will start the following day.

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