Nurturing your infants natural curiosity in a safe and stimulating environment

In our Curriculum, infants are immersed in engaging experiences designed to promote motor and sensory interaction. Planned activities invite them to explore and play, which fosters curiosity, persistence, creativity, and problem-solving.

This interaction, along with close bonds with their teachers, supports the development of abilities your baby needs to succeed in learning, literacy, and life.

Nurturing your infants with early experiences that matter for brain development is essential for future learning. See how a day at Chrysalis Preschool will captivate your infants and set the foundation for incredible bursts of growth into the infant years and beyond.

Growing minds and bodies through meaningful play:


Your baby will explore and experiment with hands-on activities that connect learning to their interests. See below examples of stimulating experiences that use themes, reading, music, art, physical activity, and daily outdoor times to reinforce skills and help your child accomplish important milestones.

Placing a book just within reach presents a small physical challenge, encourages your infants to explore, and inspires persistence.

Important math and science skills are developed as children experience new encounters through touch, taste, sight, hearing, and smell each day.

Expanding horizons through the art of expression:


Meaningful interactions with adults allow babies to develop important communication skills. Teachers connect with each child by describing experiences, reading stories, singing songs, and teaching sign language to improve literacy.

As part of daily activities designed to promote communication and reduce frustration, sign language helps your baby express basic emotions, wants, and needs.

Mimicking vocal sounds like babbling, cooing, gurgling, growling, and giggling enhances language development.

Celebrating our differences while sharing our joy:


We understand how unique your baby and family are and honor that fact with respect to each family’s culture or needs. Whether it is reading books that celebrate diversity or hearing teachers describe family photographs placed around the room, your baby will have a solid foundation for making friends and accepting differences.

Creative activities that include simple art materials and musical instruments allow for plenty of self-expression.
We seek to build self-esteem and encourage acceptance through the use of multicultural puppets and toys to tell stories, introduce concepts, and sing songs.

At Chrysalis Preschool we make sure to love and care for each one of our children and parents. We love to make our school a second home for everyone. Our teachers are very dedicated to make sure our children get the love and education they need to prepare them for the future!

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