Our toddlers program is designed to support the growth and development of your child in all areas. Our program includes a range of activities and experiences that promote social and emotional, language, cognitive, and physical development.

Our social and emotional milestones are an important part of our toddlers program. We provide opportunities for your child to interact with other children, learn how to share and take turns and express their emotions in a healthy and appropriate way. They will learn how to develop self-confidence and self-awareness through positive reinforcement and encouragement.

Our language and communication milestones are a key component of our program. We incorporate reading and storytelling, sign language, singing songs, and encouraging your child to communicate with peers and adults. Our program works on building vocabulary, developing language skills, and enhancing your child’s ability to understand and respond to verbal and non-verbal communication.

Our cognitive milestones are important for the development of your child’s brain. We offer a variety of activities that promote cognitive development including attention skills, perceptual skills, memory skills, and language abilities. Our program also encourages exploration and curiosity, allowing your child to learn through play and discovery.

Our physical development milestones are also a key aspect of our program. We provide opportunities for your child to work on their gross motor skills such as walking and running. Our program also includes activities that promote fine motor skill development, like grasping and manipulating objects.

Let’s celebrate the incredible journey of toddlerhood together, providing our little ones with the best start in life.

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